(vintage eggplant silk slip + buttercream blouse, avocado green fishnets, vintage eggplant shoes + pumpkin hat circa 1960's)

I originally had planned on selling this ensemble, but the minute I wiggled into everything I couldn't bare to say goodbye.

On a much more exciting note from my last post, my old man and I just booked a trip to Hawaii! He'll be working most of the time, and I'm just tagging along in hopes of coming home with a tan and not a sunburn. I'm hoping to do a small pop-up event while I'm there, so I'll keep you kittens updated on any developments.

The cute rash (not actually cute, definitely very gross) on my forehead is luckily almost gone after five days of feeling like a mutant. I was in a thrift store the other day when it was at it's peak, no makeup on (which I'm usually okay with, but I seriously felt like a Chud) and a very sweet girl recognized me and said hello. I was so embarrassed and hoped that my face didn't look as bad to her as it looked to me, but I ran around the store frantically checking my items and bounced back home as soon as I could. Didn't leave the house for another three days. My skin never used to be much of an issue until this past year, and now I constantly battle with adult acne and weird allergic reactions (yipee!)


Incase you're in need of some new music to listen to while making breakfast, check this out



(Lula tunic + vintage avocado green fishnets + tiny hat)

I moved back to this blog... what a surprise! I guess I realized it's better and much easier for me to have all of my social media as condensed as possible. So in other words, all of my old content + the newer diary content are both in one place now :)

This week has been a weird, irritating bummer and I can't decide if I should laugh about it or cry. Or maybe a cry-laugh would be good. You know, something that's an even mixture of both. I came down with a weird cold that is lasting longer than I would like it to, and two days ago I developed a really cute rash on my forehead. I haven't been able to fall asleep until 5-7am because of this cold and it's about that time of the month, so I'm extra irritated, sleepy and over all emo.

Someone notified me today of a small company using one of my illustrations as their logo... another huge frustration to add to the list. I won't name names because I'm pretty sure they're removing everything, but none the less it's so frustrating. Social media is so great and so shitty for so many reasons. Well, it's great, but people make it shitty. One of the pros about it, is it has enabled so many young artists to pursue a career in the arts without having a formal art education and gain a following of people who identify with and support their artistic endeavors. I mean, I'm definitely one of those people and sometimes I can't believe how many great opportunities and jobs I've gotten because of social media. I think that it's also really encouraging for people to see artists become successful with the help of social media and it can be really inspiring for people. 

I see a lot of people tapping into their creativity and building their social media to promote their work, which is really great. The thing that frustrates me is that so many people don't realize that part of being an artist means you have to have artistic integrity. Don't get me wrong, not every aspiring artist is like this (obviously) but I see a lot of young creatives who are trying to profit off of other people's work. For example, the illustration of mine that this company was using was traced on photoshop, so it was slightly different than mine, but that's still considered stealing. I fully support people exploring their creativity, no matter what mediums they use, but I also think it's really important to realize that if you want to be taken seriously as an artist, if you want to profit as an artist, you have to have integrity.

I know when I was younger I spent a lot of time mimicking other artists work, but I always felt that it was important to know and understand that the actual work was not my own. It's so great to feel inspired by someone's work and even take little elements from something you like, but always find a way to change it and make it your own.

I truly mean to offense to anyone and I don't want aspiring artists to read this and get discouraged. Just remember to have your awareness in place while creating and be true to yourself <3


Olive Silk Dress + Caramel Blouse )

Avocado green silk + mustard tights + caramel ruffle blouse... Heaven. Nothing beats the feeling of supple textures against your skin or passing a window and seeing the way a slight breeze flows with your dress.

I hate current music. I haven't connected with any current sounds in a long time. Lyrics ave become mindless and repetitive with nauseating beats booming in the background. Not to say there aren't talented musicians out there, because I know they exist, I personally just haven't found many. Instead I find myself resorting to the same music I've listened to for ages and trying to dive deeper into music from the past. I recently discovered Ria Bartok ~ her voice is so sweet and hypnotizing. I don't speak French, but the sound itself invokes dreams and emotions that I adore.

I love to start my day by opening all of the windows ~ letting the sun shine and fresh air flow into my studio, put on a silk slip + lace robe and blast old French music.


((Lilly Dress + blouse from my closet))

I thought I had a lot to write about ~ but unfortunately everything I had planned to write feels too personal.

On another note, I spend most of my time alone and I'm beginning to think I need to try to make more friends. However, I usually deeply regret this decision and end up diving even deeper into solitude.

Maybe I should just get a cat.


I'm afraid I'm not very good with words anymore. Anyways, lets play catch-up;

  • Two weeks ago I was in West Texas
  • Went to my first strip club and it was perfect
  • Spent my last night there/ flew home with food poisoning
  • Enjoyed my anniversary at the Madonna Inn with mi amor
  • Did two very exciting interviews last week
  • Started a new collection for Wallflower

That quickly sums up the last month or so. I always think "this month is going to be nice and mellow" and it always ends up getting busier and busier. I feel like I'm finally propelling myself forward rather than slowly spinning my wheels and feeling like I'm crawling towards my dreams.


Photography: Zaebear
Model: Natasha Lillipore
Styling: Zaebear + Rose & Thorn

I feel incredibly blessed to have Zae as a friend and fellow creative. He is truly a visionary and is inspiring on many different levels. We recently shot this editorial using clothing from Rose & Thorn + shoes from some of our favorite brands. Visit his website for the full editorial ~ Zaebearphoto.com


*Coco Dress paired with a vintage hat and Zara boots*

This dress makes me feel like I could conquer anything. I would have loved to live in the 60's and 70's when women wore these sort of garbs on a daily basis. 

Also, I desperately want to live in a house with a pink bathroom.


 Vintage peasant blouse + crotchet skirt (both have sold) + Zara boots

All through my teen years I only wore mini skirts. I've always had my limits... but I definitely loved a short skirt. I still do, but as I get a little older I find myself preferring a longer hemline. I'm not as comfortable in minis as I once was. Although in summer all of my inhibition goes out the window and I pull out my teeny 60s mini dresses, because lets be real, in 100+ degree weather I'm just trying to wear as little as possible and still feel comfortable. 

Longer skirts always felt overwhelming to me, mostly because I didn't know how to wear it in a way that felt cute and comfortable to me. I've come to really adore a long skirt. The key is what you pair it with. My favorite is to wear a knee length skirt (such as this 70's crotchet gem) paired with patent leather boots and a frilly crop top. Or sometimes I'll swap out the crop top for a beat up tee, throw my hair in a bun and apply the perfect red lipstick + hoop earrings.

I bought a vintage Moschino maxi skirt years ago that I desperately need to pull out of storage. It's black velvet with small knitted black grape-like/flower tassels that cascade all around the knees down to the hem of the skirt. It's seriously dreamy, but it's usually too hot to wear it in California. 

What's your take on longer skirts?