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I moved back to this blog... what a surprise! I guess I realized it's better and much easier for me to have all of my social media as condensed as possible. So in other words, all of my old content + the newer diary content are both in one place now :)

This week has been a weird, irritating bummer and I can't decide if I should laugh about it or cry. Or maybe a cry-laugh would be good. You know, something that's an even mixture of both. I came down with a weird cold that is lasting longer than I would like it to, and two days ago I developed a really cute rash on my forehead. I haven't been able to fall asleep until 5-7am because of this cold and it's about that time of the month, so I'm extra irritated, sleepy and over all emo.

Someone notified me today of a small company using one of my illustrations as their logo... another huge frustration to add to the list. I won't name names because I'm pretty sure they're removing everything, but none the less it's so frustrating. Social media is so great and so shitty for so many reasons. Well, it's great, but people make it shitty. One of the pros about it, is it has enabled so many young artists to pursue a career in the arts without having a formal art education and gain a following of people who identify with and support their artistic endeavors. I mean, I'm definitely one of those people and sometimes I can't believe how many great opportunities and jobs I've gotten because of social media. I think that it's also really encouraging for people to see artists become successful with the help of social media and it can be really inspiring for people. 

I see a lot of people tapping into their creativity and building their social media to promote their work, which is really great. The thing that frustrates me is that so many people don't realize that part of being an artist means you have to have artistic integrity. Don't get me wrong, not every aspiring artist is like this (obviously) but I see a lot of young creatives who are trying to profit off of other people's work. For example, the illustration of mine that this company was using was traced on photoshop, so it was slightly different than mine, but that's still considered stealing. I fully support people exploring their creativity, no matter what mediums they use, but I also think it's really important to realize that if you want to be taken seriously as an artist, if you want to profit as an artist, you have to have integrity.

I know when I was younger I spent a lot of time mimicking other artists work, but I always felt that it was important to know and understand that the actual work was not my own. It's so great to feel inspired by someone's work and even take little elements from something you like, but always find a way to change it and make it your own.

I truly mean to offense to anyone and I don't want aspiring artists to read this and get discouraged. Just remember to have your awareness in place while creating and be true to yourself <3

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