Vintage peasant blouse + crotchet skirt (both have sold) + Zara boots

All through my teen years I only wore mini skirts. I've always had my limits... but I definitely loved a short skirt. I still do, but as I get a little older I find myself preferring a longer hemline. I'm not as comfortable in minis as I once was. Although in summer all of my inhibition goes out the window and I pull out my teeny 60s mini dresses, because lets be real, in 100+ degree weather I'm just trying to wear as little as possible and still feel comfortable. 

Longer skirts always felt overwhelming to me, mostly because I didn't know how to wear it in a way that felt cute and comfortable to me. I've come to really adore a long skirt. The key is what you pair it with. My favorite is to wear a knee length skirt (such as this 70's crotchet gem) paired with patent leather boots and a frilly crop top. Or sometimes I'll swap out the crop top for a beat up tee, throw my hair in a bun and apply the perfect red lipstick + hoop earrings.

I bought a vintage Moschino maxi skirt years ago that I desperately need to pull out of storage. It's black velvet with small knitted black grape-like/flower tassels that cascade all around the knees down to the hem of the skirt. It's seriously dreamy, but it's usually too hot to wear it in California. 

What's your take on longer skirts?

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