(vintage eggplant silk slip + buttercream blouse, avocado green fishnets, vintage eggplant shoes + pumpkin hat circa 1960's)

I originally had planned on selling this ensemble, but the minute I wiggled into everything I couldn't bare to say goodbye.

On a much more exciting note from my last post, my old man and I just booked a trip to Hawaii! He'll be working most of the time, and I'm just tagging along in hopes of coming home with a tan and not a sunburn. I'm hoping to do a small pop-up event while I'm there, so I'll keep you kittens updated on any developments.

The cute rash (not actually cute, definitely very gross) on my forehead is luckily almost gone after five days of feeling like a mutant. I was in a thrift store the other day when it was at it's peak, no makeup on (which I'm usually okay with, but I seriously felt like a Chud) and a very sweet girl recognized me and said hello. I was so embarrassed and hoped that my face didn't look as bad to her as it looked to me, but I ran around the store frantically checking my items and bounced back home as soon as I could. Didn't leave the house for another three days. My skin never used to be much of an issue until this past year, and now I constantly battle with adult acne and weird allergic reactions (yipee!)


Incase you're in need of some new music to listen to while making breakfast, check this out

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