Olive Silk Dress + Caramel Blouse )

Avocado green silk + mustard tights + caramel ruffle blouse... Heaven. Nothing beats the feeling of supple textures against your skin or passing a window and seeing the way a slight breeze flows with your dress.

I hate current music. I haven't connected with any current sounds in a long time. Lyrics ave become mindless and repetitive with nauseating beats booming in the background. Not to say there aren't talented musicians out there, because I know they exist, I personally just haven't found many. Instead I find myself resorting to the same music I've listened to for ages and trying to dive deeper into music from the past. I recently discovered Ria Bartok ~ her voice is so sweet and hypnotizing. I don't speak French, but the sound itself invokes dreams and emotions that I adore.

I love to start my day by opening all of the windows ~ letting the sun shine and fresh air flow into my studio, put on a silk slip + lace robe and blast old French music.

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