Cherry Girl blouse paired with a vintage slip, mustard tights, red beret and leather handbag + Hatter shoes from Intentionally Blank*

Sometimes when I get dressed I imagine where I would want to wear my outfit. Berets will forever remind me of London, where I purchased the perfect dusty pink beret from a small vintage shop in Camden Market. After spending a day exploring Camden by myself I later found out that there are other areas that have better vintage shopping, but I really enjoyed my time walking through the market. Parts reminded me of downtown LA where they mostly sell tourist junk that's overpriced and useless, but there were a few shops deep inside the market that I really liked. It was inspiring to see all of the clothing they could fit into a tiny space. The shop where I bought the beret was probably the size of a walk in closet.

I love getting dressed and feeling proud about what I've put together. Being that I work from home and spend most of my time in loungewear, I look for any excuse to get dressed in something that makes me feel good and go out. When you're cooped up inside by yourself most of the time, you really have to make sure you take time from doing work and get outside... otherwise you'll start to feel like a nut. My latest thing is going out and shopping for candles; it's become a sort of a ritual of mine. 

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