(Jacket: Vintage // Top: Vintage // Skirt: Deandri)

Two frightful green jackets in one week ~ I'm in heaven.

Another weird green vintage jacket... Found two in one week! This one is lined, which I love because the other one (in my last post) is pretty itchy, but somehow I suffer through it because it's just too great not to wear. I also love the buttons and big collar on this thing. But... both of these jackets lack something that is pretty crucial. NO POCKETS.

It drives me nuts that a lot of women's clothing, especially vintage, lacks pockets, has tiny pockets, or worst of all... Faux pockets. Ladies need to put stuff in pockets too!!

My style has always been sort of a mix of Golden Girls/punk/chicana/ugly-chic/vintage obsessed/goth/teenage delinquent. I love the challenge of wearing pieces that most people consider ugly and wearing them with confidence. For example, this outfit is kinda ugly. But I love it, and I intend for it to be just that. I love mixing prints and unfavorable colors together. Something about an 'ugly' outfit makes me confident.

Also, check out these great synonyms for the word "ugly" ~ I especially love foul, loathsome, not much to look at and unlovely.


  1. "not much to look at" hahha love it. I totally agree with you that "ugly" clothes look good as hell when u match them with confidence!! Love this look on you <3

  2. nice outfit <3 I love your make up!


  3. Love this look so much! Also in love with your pointed bangs <3


  4. Ahhh, that jacket is ace! I love how it looks with the yellow plaid. <3

  5. Love that coat! <3