Long winded rant about treating yourself and my love for Hopeless Lingerie

This set is really nothing short of incredible. If you've read my blog for a while I'm sure you know that I love incorporating lingerie into my daily wardrobe. This Lenora cami from Hopeless Lingerie is definitely one of those pieces. It's a little on the sheer side, which makes it super fun to layer bras underneath it. I typically wear it with slacks and a vintage cardigan. And as always, the fabric is so dreamy. 

And just incase you're wondering, the ultra plush antique velvet + silk bedding is from Cloud Hunter. (It's the Beau duvet cover which can be found HERE) If you're into interior decorating or just pretty things in general, you MUST checkout their website. Seriously. I'm currently drooling over THIS and THIS.

I used to think that wearing pretty lingerie was only for special occasions (or for the bedroom).  As I've become an adult, I've realized that lingerie is best worn when it's for yourself. When I was younger I would see pretty lingerie and think how much I would enjoy wearing it, but when would I actually wear it? Or feeling like I needed to have someone to wear it for. I started collecting lingerie a little over a year and a half ago. I would take most of my pieces and put them in a drawer where most of them were neglected and only a few bras would even see the light of day. On the rare occasion that I would wear a set or even one piece, I instantly felt amazing. It was like an automatic boost of confidence.

Sometimes I would get up in the morning and before getting dressed I would put on a set of fancy undies and bra and think "today is my day." It sounds terribly corny, I know. But there's something about wearing lingerie on a day to day basis and doing it just for me that makes me feel powerful and confident. I fully believe that as humans it's so important to be good to ourselves. Do nice things for yourself!! Especially if you're feeling down about something or you feel like you need a boost, find something that makes you feel good and make it 'your thing'. It can be anything from wearing lingerie, buying yourself a new book, taking yourself on a date, anything really.

Most of my childhood was just my mom, my sister and I. Let me start out by saying that my mom did a stellar job of raising the two of us with practically nothing. At our lowest we were homeless, living out of her car with a few outfits and our school supplies. Having money to do extra things wasn't something we had, but some how my mom pinched pennies and saved money so that my sister and I were able to have the things that we needed to pursue our interests. I grew up watching her sacrifice so much, one of them being able to have nice things so that my sis and I could have what we needed. As we've grown older and we are able to support ourselves, we've made it a sort of tradition to do nice things for ourselves. She taught me to put money away and every once in a while when you need an extra boost, treat yourself. She also taught me how to shop the sale rack, which is usually where you'll find me!

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