(Jacket: Vintage // Skirt: Vintage // Top: self made)

I told myself at the beginning of this year that I was going to stop wearing school girl skirts... So far I've bought three.

I've never had 'New Years resolutions'. The concept just isn't something that I've ever cared much about. However, this past January I was looking through my closet and realized I have a tendency to collect plaid or pleated skirts which are very reminiscent of something a school girl would wear. Being 23 and pocket sized, it can be extremely hard to find things that fit and make me look like a 'sexy' adult. I'm forever shopping in the children's section of the goodwill and I always find the greatest vintage plaid/pleated skirts.

I've given in and won't be tossing these out anytime soon. This red and white plaid skirt from the 60s has become a staple in my closet. I also picked up this incredible avocado/puke green tweed jacket from ole' faithful (AKA goodwill) and I'm OBSESSED. This color is kind of gross but so appealing to me in every way possible. Next, I just need a matching couch and love seat. ((I love coordinating with furniture...))

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