Let me cry on your shoulder while I tell you a little about heartbreak and the trials of being an awkward adult teenager...

Life has an interesting way of playing things out. Sometimes it seems incredibly cruel. However, through hurting we can use those feelings to learn a lot about ourselves and take time to focus on self care. Right now I'm beginning my journey into becoming a woman. My heart hurts in ways that are unexplainable, but I'm taking this time to focus on healing and bettering myself. I know this journey is going to be full of challenges, but I'm really looking forward to the outcome. I feel like I'm in a weird in-between/limbo phase; Technically at 22 I'm considered an adult. I'm not a teenager or a kid, but I'm also not a woman. Part of me feels like I'm going through that awkward teenage phase again (or maybe I never got out of it?)

I'm also realizing how important it is to take care of yourself. My mom and I went to a Korean spa a few nights ago in an attempt to 'get away' without having to leave town. Seeing all of the women taking time to take care of themselves and relax seemed so simple, but it was a huge reminder that as humans we need to have that time to replenish.  I'm learning so much right now and trying my best to keep my chin up and stay focused. I know in time the hurt will fade, but right now it feels pretty overwhelming.

 I'm usually very private about my personal life and feelings, but writing seems to help a lot. I don't want to go into details about what I'm going through, so excuse my vagueness. I guess in writing this, it's a way for me to process and I hope that others can relate as well. As much as I sound like a cliche douche by saying this, time really does heal everything. I think the mind is more powerful than we give it credit for sometimes and through hardships we must keep going, because one day (probably sooner than expected) the hurt is just a memory.

On a side note; I got this outfit + vintage wig at the goodwill yesterday for $10 ~ couldn't be more pleased with it!


  1. i'll always think yr totally amazing... looooove the wig/outfit!

  2. That is my favorite VU song <3

  3. I'm in OC as well, went through the adult women phase in another country and came back with some good lessons.
    If you ever want to grab coffee at the gypsy den and just chat, I recently moved further into the OC and am looking good for good female company.

  4. i was hurt so deeply by someone i thought loved me for 13 years and now i can hardly remember.. time does seem to heal hurts but not as much as taking care of ourselves and changing our lives into what we want.. the next time i was hurt deeply i healed much faster. really love the photos here and the post. i love your vintage parades. <3 xx