After bleaching and coloring my hair for years, I finally went back to my natural color in May. Not one day has gone by where I've regretted coloring it brown, but every once in a while it would be fun to have a little more color. 

I recently got my paws on this beautiful wig from UniWigs ~ It's a 100% human hair glue-less lace front. I got it in the lightest shade of blonde and colored it with a mixture of pink hair color and conditioner (you can find tons of tutorials on youtube!). It came out a little brighter than I had hoped, but another wash and it'll be perfect. The wig that I have is the Dolly wig, which you can find at the link below:

The wig is constructed beautifully and is extremely comfortable to wear. I had it on for a few hours while getting ready and shooting this and it stayed in place the whole time. There's nothing worse than a shifty wig! Especially if you're planning on wearing it out. I really love that you don't need any glue to wear this, but it still looks super natural. Being that it's 100% human hair, you can change the style easily as well.

I definitely hope to play with more of these beauties soon! I already have my eyes on a few ^.^

Also, UniWigs was super nice and offered all of my followers a discount code! Use code NATASHA40 to receive $40 off any purchase of $300 or more on uniwigs.com

xo, Natasha Lillipore


  1. Stunning! thought you have dyed your hair pink for a moment!


  2. do you mind telling where your jumpsuit is from?

  3. You can pull off every hair colour, i'm slightly jelous ;)