Dress: Hayley Elsaesser // Pink Collar: Vintage // Harness: Deandri // PVC Collar: Deandri // Heels: Deandri

I've always a fascination with trailer parks. Mind you, my dream trailer park consists of pastel colors, plastic flamingos and plenty of astro turf. I'm 98% sure this all started the first time I watched John Waters' Pink Flamingos. Go figure.

Redneck Nostalgia is Hayley Elsaesser's recently debuted 2014/2015 collection, and I couldn't be crazier about it. Prints consist of pastel palm trees, colorful dice and even pink and blue beer cans. I've added a walk-in closet to my dream trailer, which will be full of this collection. 

Part of what I adore about this silk tee dress, is that it can be worn in so many different ways. I paired it with a few harnesses from Deandri to give it a little more shape. Hayley's designs are always made with such beautiful craftsmanship, not to mention the fabric... Every time I open up a package from her I instantly melt as soon as I touch the garments.

Here are some of my favorite looks from Redneck Nostalgia


  1. Love this delicate makeup on you, and thanks for introducing me to the line! Gonna go check out some more pieces ;)

    Amen Fashion †

  2. Redneck Nostalgia also reminds me of the show My Name is Earl... Have you seen it? Their little trailer park world is my dream place. -- Love your work Natasha!