Hopeless Lingerie: Delphine Bralette + Jeanne Nickers // Shoes: Jean-Michel Cazabat - Eris Pumps

Obviously, I've developed a new obsession: Lingerie. Designer Gabrielle Adamidis and her small team create Hopeless Lingerie in her Melbourne based home studio. Hopeless has been featured in countless publications, including Vogue, Marie Claire and Playboy. 

One of the things that I instantly loved about Hopeless is the range of sizing. They carry XXS-XXL in each design, so there's something for everyone. If you're a regular here, you know that I can never find anything that fits me well. I'm usually left wearing something that's uncomfortably big or something out of the children's department. Finding cute lingerie in XXS was extremely exciting! 

I love supporting independent designers. The amount of work is takes to run a business, design and make product is huge. I love that all Hopeless Lingerie is handmade. The quality is impeccable and the fabric is both comfortable and beautiful. There are so many pieces in their collection that I'm lusting over ~ I can't wait to see what else Gabrielle comes up with for future collections!


  1. I love the lingerie! The patterns are so cute and look beyond comfortable. I think it's time that a buy my first set of sexy looking lingerie just for me, lol. It's great that they carry every size for every person. I'm a huge supporter of independent designers

    xx AlexisSplash