I've been working super hard to finally expand Her Tiny Teeth into carrying a wide selection of vintage clothing! This is one of my favorite pieces, which will be included in the first launch. 

The thrill of the hunt is what makes vintage shopping so fun for me. However, it can be a little exhausting at times. My goal is to provide my customers with quality, beautiful vintage pieces at reasonable prices ~ so keep an eye on Her Tiny Teeth for your next favorite piece!



Dress: Vintage // Socks: Topshop

Thank you ebay gods for blessing me with this perfect dress. I'm smitten over the itty bitty collar!



Dress: Hayley Elsaesser // Pink Collar: Vintage // Harness: Deandri // PVC Collar: Deandri // Heels: Deandri

I've always a fascination with trailer parks. Mind you, my dream trailer park consists of pastel colors, plastic flamingos and plenty of astro turf. I'm 98% sure this all started the first time I watched John Waters' Pink Flamingos. Go figure.

Redneck Nostalgia is Hayley Elsaesser's recently debuted 2014/2015 collection, and I couldn't be crazier about it. Prints consist of pastel palm trees, colorful dice and even pink and blue beer cans. I've added a walk-in closet to my dream trailer, which will be full of this collection. 

Part of what I adore about this silk tee dress, is that it can be worn in so many different ways. I paired it with a few harnesses from Deandri to give it a little more shape. Hayley's designs are always made with such beautiful craftsmanship, not to mention the fabric... Every time I open up a package from her I instantly melt as soon as I touch the garments.

Here are some of my favorite looks from Redneck Nostalgia



Hopeless Lingerie: Delphine Bralette + Jeanne Nickers // Shoes: Jean-Michel Cazabat - Eris Pumps

Obviously, I've developed a new obsession: Lingerie. Designer Gabrielle Adamidis and her small team create Hopeless Lingerie in her Melbourne based home studio. Hopeless has been featured in countless publications, including Vogue, Marie Claire and Playboy. 

One of the things that I instantly loved about Hopeless is the range of sizing. They carry XXS-XXL in each design, so there's something for everyone. If you're a regular here, you know that I can never find anything that fits me well. I'm usually left wearing something that's uncomfortably big or something out of the children's department. Finding cute lingerie in XXS was extremely exciting! 

I love supporting independent designers. The amount of work is takes to run a business, design and make product is huge. I love that all Hopeless Lingerie is handmade. The quality is impeccable and the fabric is both comfortable and beautiful. There are so many pieces in their collection that I'm lusting over ~ I can't wait to see what else Gabrielle comes up with for future collections!



Smitten over this vintage dress from Tunnel Vision. It's very Dolly Parton meets Lolita. Plus, it has a tie around the waist so it fits perfectly! Tunnel Vision has a lot of really cool vintage as well as new clothing, including their own line Bad Vibes



Lingerie: Made By Niki // Jacket: Vintage // Bunny Ears: Lillipore // Jewelry: Her Tiny Teeth

Nothing feels as incredible as luxury lingerie. The Shoelace plunge bra and Shoelace sheer panties are just about as perfect as it gets. For me, going shopping for lingerie is torture. Nothing fits, cheap craftsmanship, awful colors (the neon trend is killing me!) and everything seems way overpriced for the quality. I usually leave most shops feeling bummed out and frustrated. Clearly, I have a really hard time finding bras that fit correctly. So as you can imagine, I was ecstatic when I slipped on the Shoelace bra to discover that it fit like a glove. 

The actual shoelace texture and pattern is even better in person. The bra is so beautiful that it could easily be paired with a pencil skirt, light jacket and a pair of heels and be worn out. For me, a perfect black bra is jus as essential as a little black dress. 


Photo by Rick Craft


Dress: Deandri // Shoes: Lillipore

I've been working on a few new pieces for my shop, including these custom made platforms.

Each shoe is covered in royal blue sequins and has a metallic blue, adjustable ankle strap. Adorned with marabou feathers and vintage sequin embellishments.

Only one pair available, get them here: LILLIPORE.ETSY.COM