((Top: Forever21 // Skirt: Growze // Shoes: YRU // Bag + Jewelry + Sunglasses: Her Tiny Teeth))

You know it's officially Summer time in LA when you look around and everyone is dewy, guzzling water, and usually angry. However, hot weather is a perfect excuse to rock lingerie as outerwear. I've always been a huge fan of this look; Madonna definitely killed this look back in the day! I paired a little tangerine lace bustier with my new favorite skirt from Japanese label, GROWZE. This particular skirt is faux leather ~ so it's not the most practical for 100+ degree weather, but sometimes you just have to give in and say 'whatevs'. 

This morning I woke up to a package from my homegirls over at Lime Crime, which basically felt like Christmas. The package included their new Velvetines in Salem, Black Velvet and Wicked, as well as their new eyeshadow primer. I was lucky enough to try these out when I modeled for Lime Crime last year and I instantly fell in love. The Red Velvet is my go-to red lip, so when I found out they were releasing more dark colors I had to have them! Buuuuut they were still in production at the time, so I've been anxiously waiting for their arrival ever since! Looks like ya girl is gonna be wearing black lipstick all summer. 

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